The History of the Dwarves

17445 RN
During the experiemntation of Synacra during the develpoment of a weapon for the Rathi during the Dragon-Elf war, it is said that the dwarves were created after a failed test run.
17447 RN
Dwarves appear in the historical culture. Released after the decommissioning of the weapon of Synacra.
17462 RN
Dwarves hide in the shadows during the final days of the wars. Begin to develop an affinity towards brute skills, especially mining and forestry.
17462 RN
The war ends, and the Dwarves come out of hiding. Finding peace with the elves for a time, they aided the Dwarves in constructing their own language, as well as educating them and introducing them to more sophisticated practices such as Agriculture, Architecture, Metallurgy, and other sciences. In the following three year span, the dwarves take to the valleys and begin to establish their own societies.
17465 RN
First elvin census, recorded dwarves to be 5% of the population of Nigeri
17500 RN
The first Dwarven Chieftain, Balthor, was appointed. With his influence, he ushered in a time of discovery. It is during his reign that the secrets to Dwarven Steel are discovered.
17865 RN
Over the 400 years that have gone by, over the dwarves have found their niche in the world. Society is progressing, histories being recorded, and prodigious skills in metallurgy are being pioneered. Second census of the elves report the Dwarves as being 18% of the population
17905 RN
Founding of first Dwarven research facility. Academics begin in the dwarven realm.
18167 RN
The dwarves begin to run low on resources, famine becomes a threat.
18170 RN
Balthor dies, son is appointed new Chieftan, Hrathgan
18265 RN
Overpopulation causes supply shortages in the dwarven cities, 22% population loss of the people. Census records dwarves as 13% of the population
18269 RN
Decree of Balthor to have the Metallurgists strike out and establish a community within the mountain base. This allowed for expansion, and may have very well saved the Dwarven race.
18300 RN
Tunnel is created to allow the Metallurgists to communicate with the surface community. Housing is developed in both communities to allow exchange of research and diplomatic events
18301 RN
The study of spell craft is introduced
18370 RN
Pyromancy is discovered and explored
18398 RN
Human wars begin
18432 RN
Electromancy is discovered and explored
18480 RN
Military defense becomes an issue as humans raid a dwarven community. Loss of 7% of dwarven population
18665 RN
Census represents 12% of the population being dwarven.
18900 RN
After the defeat of the elves, the humans destroyed the dwarven cities and outsourced the materials, forcing the dwarves to flee to the Metallurgical colonies. Over 2/3 of the population is lost in the raids, forcing them to gather and reside in one valley
18900 RN
A new chieftan is chosen, a spirited leader by the name of Jadesh, from one of the southern communities that fell to the humans.
18900-Present RN
Withdrawing from the world of man, Dwarves have done all they can to preserve their lamentful history and culture. The one colony Nae Telormar, or Stone Forge, used to be the capital and thus is the only preserved people who retain the culture. Most of the remaining dwarves (80%) have scattered among the humans and all but forgotten their lineage.