A Timeline of Meinan History

The below record documents some of the important moments in Meinah’s/Nigeri’s history, from the early days and wars to the modern period.

Draconic Year Human Year Events of the year
BNBefore Nigeri      RNRecorded Nigeri

EREarly Record       MModern Age

c. 15000 BN Earliest draconic relics known to exist are believed to be from this timeperiod
63 BN War with Gryphons begins
1 BN Gryphons are exiled to “Gryphon Island”off the southern coast of Nigeri
1 RN First Rathi of Nigeri is named. He is a war hero by the name Ahgjan Dlaeryo (his name meaning ‘Giver of Peace through Fire-flight’). Dragon empire begins to grow. Dragons cultivate land for increase in game animal breeding and meat quality.
78284 RN Elves first land in Nigeri, on the northwest corner at the foot of the then-active slow flowing volcano Mt. Aelndrag.
78321 RN First dragon death at the hand of an elf. Claimed to be in self defense.
78323 RN Elven theves captured attempting to steal from a dragon’s hoard. Others suspected.
79350 RN Elves begin active mining after using all surface metals.
85391 RN After most mines fail, elves begin openly killing dragons for access to hoards.
100808 RN Rathi Utakeen of Nigeri calls for peace talks with elven tribe leaders. At the gathering, the Rathi is slain. His only surviving son takes command and threatens war.
101109 RN Elves fail to meet peace demands and dragons declare war.
101214 RN After initial losses, elves begin developing weapons capable of great damage to dragons. Seeing this risk, the Rathi Firdah declares that the great dragon city of Tha’an and other dragon civilizations be covered in great stone domes and buried as mountains and hills.
101438 RN Both races have lost over 40% of their populations, war continues.
101544 RN With near 50% of the population gone, it is in this year that it is rumored the Rathi grants permission to his chief advisor, Synacra, to develop a great magical weapon to end the war with one blow and force the elves to live among dragon society in peace.
101557 RN 1 ER After many failed attempts, Synacra declares to the Rathi that their weapon has been almost perfected. With second thoughts regarding the use of the weapon, the Rathi Firdah declares the project be stopped and destroyed. All of the surviving failed experiments with the magic are released. It is believed this is when dwarves, humans, and dramen first appear in the historical record and is suggested that the three are the last surviving races left from that immoral project.
101559 RN 3 ER The Rathi Firdah is killed in an invasion against the dragon capital of Tha’an and the city is left in its underground dome in ruins. He has no immediate heir, and Synacra attempts to assume control claiming the Rathi had intended him to begin a new royal line, It is believed his intention was to prepare to use the weapon that the Rathi had forbidden.
101559 RN 3 ER The Rathi’s nephew, Nalur, a member of the Ordragc line, is put in charge and as a first declaration exiles Synacra, blaming the advisor of conspiring to kill his uncle.
101769 RN 213 ER Synacra, after time abroad, is seen working with the elves. Elven weaponry grows more advanced and more powerful, and a great portion of the remaining dragons are lost.
101962 RN 416 ER With less than 10% of the dragon population left that had lived at the beginning of the war, the Rathi Nalur announces to the elves that they concede defeat and will leave the elves in peace. Dragons flee to the mountains to live in hiding. The 853 year long war is over.
101963 RN 417 ER The elves honor Synacra as their savior, but when he attempts to use this honor to gain control over their government, they imprison him and he mysteriously dies in captivity.
107465 RN 5502 ER Elves take a census of the population of Nigeri. The known population is made up: 22% dragon, 69% elf, 2% human, 2% dramen, 5% dwarf
107466 RN 5503 ER With so few dragons left scattered across the continent, the Rathi declares Nigeri be split into segments and new Rathis control the other territories. The eastern portion of the continent is known as Minah and remains under Ordragc rule.
107865 RN 5702 ER Elves take second census, 400 years after the first. Known population is 8% dragon, 36% elf, 33% human, 18% dwarf, 5% dramen.
108128 RN 5965 ER Humans prove their inventiveness and begin constructing their own strong cities and mills which rival their cousin elves.
108265 RN 6102 ER 400 year elven census: Known population is 7% dragon, 18% elf, 57% human, 13% dwarf, 5% dramen.
108398 RN 6235 ER Humans declare war on elven government claiming the right to all land, form various regional governments which serve as a coalition in this war.
108410 RN 6247 ER Humans grow tired of battles and sign armistice.
108482 RN 6319 ER Humans again declare war.
108489 RN 6327 ER Humans again sign armistice.
108531 RN 6369 ER Humans again declare war.
108535 RN 6373 ER Humans again sign armistice.
108600 RN 6438 ER Humans again declare war.
108614 RN 6452 ER Humans again sign armistice.
108665 RN 6503 ER Elves hold 400 year census. Known population is 4% dragon, 11% elf, 70% human, 12% dwarf, 3% dramen
108882 RN 6720 ER Humans again declare war, this time defeating the elves by their sheer numbers. Those elves who remain flee to live like the dragons and dramen in the mountains and forests. The elven leaders are captured and publicly executed.
108900 RN 6738 ER Dragon society begins to degrade as the ability to gather becomes more diffucult. The new human government grants special titles to those who prove themselves to be dragonslayers.
109530 RN 7368 ER Following of the Rathi governance dwindles as dragons, like elves, form family group tribes in their select areas.
112871 RN 10709 ER Newly named Rathi Flangherd Ordragc begins reuniting the dragon tribes under his leadership after the death of his long-ill father.
113163 RN 11001 ER  ==>> 1 M Seeing dragon numbers growing, and with the spreading tales telling of dragons’ wealth and magic, leaders from every human government meet at the village of Nidiare to organize a new central government, selecting amongst themselves a king to serve as a figurehead for mankind ro rally under.  To cement his place they name Nidiare the capitol of the world and declare a new age and start for themselves a new calendar.The first act of the new king is to prepare a charter establishing the trade and study of professional dragon slaying.
114149 RN 986 M A band of human dragonslayers discover the secret location of Rathi Flangherd and slays the entire royal family in one brutal massicre. For over 100 years, Minah is without a Rathi and what order and growth had been regained is lost in the great number of slayings.After several decades an attempt was made for the dragons of the region to be ruled by a council of chief members of dragon clans. The most ougoing and educated of these is Arcanys, grandson of Synacra.
114251 RN 1088 M Rathi Beltic, the lost survivor of the royal slaying, takes leadership of Minah and accepts Arcanys as his chief advisor. Arcanys begins teaching Beltic how to use a special magic ability that their bloodlines shared.
114468 RN 1305 M Arcanys is banished from Minah for attempting to control the Rathi’s personal interests and for conspiring to use the Rathi as a political puppet. It is believed that he spent this time on the western coast in preparations for a secret return.
114618 RN 1455 M A dragon named Arix from a neighboring region introduces himself to the Rathi and offers his services as a warrior and royal guardian.
114626 RN 1463 M EVENTS OF Nigeri Part 1 Storyline. Important subjects:

  • Nigeri’s dragon regions are again unified under the rule of one Rathi, Beltic Ordragc, who’s name (Beltic Ege, which means “Splended Terror” in the old human toungue) was given by humans who had imprisoned him.
  • Beltic attempts peace between all races.
  • Humans declare war on all other races, primarily dragons
  • Arix and Ahgjan discover they are brothers and from the same eggclutch.
  • Beltic loses two mates mysteriously.
  • For his efforts to end the hardships of the land, Beltic is officially given the new name Ahgjan, meaning “Bringer of peace”, named after the first Rathi.
  • Siena acheves the thought-to-be-impossible rite of the Fifth Mark, gaining great magical ability and title.
  • Arix and Siena become a mated pair.
114629 RN 1466 M Arcanys, posessed by the spirit of his evil anscestor Synacra, returns with a plan to kill Ahgjan and is killed himself in the process through the help of a newly-immigrated Teltaha dragoness named Siena.
114633 RN 1470 M Through an ancient artifact and his own power, Synacra returns, first as a spirit and then taking on his original physical form. In one long-planned motion he assumes control and begins building his empire. Rathi Ahgjan is imprisoned in his own palace, his son Valos convinced to honor Synacra as his new father and turn on his real father.
114634 RN 1471 M Synacra declares that the city of Thaan be uncovered as he begins rebuilding, his armies wiping across Nigeri taking all who won’t willingly serve to be slaves.
114635 RN 1472 M Ahgjan and others escape to the west, to the ruins of a great abandoned dragon city. A rebellion is formed made up of all races under the leadership of Rathi Ahgjan. During this time, Arix is banished and turns to serve Synacra.
114638 RN 1475 M The great battle of the rebellion. After freeing slaves through Synacra’s empire, Ahgjan leads their force in a mass invasion of Minah. Ahgjan comes face to face in battle with Synacra’s strongest warrior, a beast of a dragon known as Iraciac Urrarum who he discovers to be a much changed and bitter Arix. As the battle ensued, Ahgjan attempted to turn Arix back to the side of the rebellion, however the fight between the two was separated before an end could be resolved. Synacra was defeated and believed to have been destroyed in both body and spirit.
114638 RN 1475 M Ahgjan put together a conglomerate governing council to serve under himself and represent all races after the great War of Synacra had concluded. Reconstruction began on the devistated nation.
114639 RN 1476 M With over a year of weak recovery after the war, much of Nigeri, including many dragons, became disillusioned with Ahgjan’s leadership.  The governing council voted to remove Ahgjan from the office of Rathi and head of Council with an act that invalidated his claim of royal lineage and barred any dragon from holding an office above humans or elves.To improve morale during the building of the new nation, the Council also renamed Nigeri to Meinah, mirroring the ancient name of its capitol region.  Most dragons and some elves and others do not accept this renaming and prefer  to continue calling the land Nigeri.
114639 RN 1476 M Despite Meinah having a central governing council, many cities and regions are governed by groups and individuals as autonomous territories, with their own taxes, road tolls, tarrifs, and sometimes even their own currencies.
114639 RN 1476 M Fearing a dragon uprising, a group of mages working with an underground movement without the council’s knowledge used a spell designed by Synacra himself to prepare an impenetrable valley prison, where most dragons were drawn to and trapped within.  Those responsible were apprehended and punished, and all known records of the spell were sought out and destroyed so it could never be used again.  Unfortunately there was no reversal.
114941 RN 1776 M Having spent exactly three centuries in the valley, the spell was lifted with the help of a group of priests from Aelndrag.  Fearing human violence after their imprisonment, and not knowing those responsible had been punished, the dragons as a group fled to the Peserus Mountains where a makeshift city of cave networks was built as a refuge.  It was at the end of this year Ahgjan returned to Nidarie to ensure peace for dragons.
114943 RN 1778 M Two years since being freed, Dragons are still integrating back into society.  Barred from any accepted political office in most of the country, some have chosen to return to their roots living in the wild while others have taken employ within cities and villages in various fields where they are well suited.  Near the end of the first year of freedom, negotiations were completed with the Meinan Council to provide various lands unsuitable for humans as open claim areas for dragon territories.  All other territories must be gained through negotiations with local communities or purchase outright.