With the damage to the underlibrary catecombs of Thaan, former dragon ruler Ahgjan Ordragc has invested in the construction of two new libraries to better preserve these precious documents.  Both the Library of Meinan History and Arts (a part of the Meinan University of Thaan), as well as the Academy of Draekran Antiquities (also known by most as simply “the dragon library” or “Ahgjan’s library”) are considered a part of the city of Thaan.

Academy of Draekran Antiquities

A Thaan art student's rendition of the Library entrance.

A Thaan art student’s rendition of the Library entrance.

The “dragon library” can be found directly across the Thaan-Nidarie Road from the city gates.  Easily identified, the entrance is a massive temple-like facade partly carved and partly built from the face of the mountain.   Large steps flank a smaller set for human and elven ease of access lead to a platform and entrance, flanked by tall columns holding an ornate roof which is topped by a life size bust of a dragon with spread wings and a thoughtful expression.  On the face of this roof are carved four scenes of dragons aiding other races, atop an inscription in original Drechia runes that reads similar to the message above the Meinan university in town:

“From Wisdom and Knowledge come all great things.  From this place come Wisdom and Knowledge.”

Directly inside the vast portal of an entrance is the Hall of Legends.  This room houses the statues of all of the great rulers over dragonkind.  These lifesize statues once lined the entrance to the palace in the center of Thaan, now serving as City Hall.  Today they have been restored and set upon pedistals which bear the inscription of their names, years of life, years of rule, and great deeds and achievements.

Beyond the Hall of Legends is the Museum of Draekran Antiquity and Culture.  This extensive collection of artifacts, recreations, manikins and dioramas tell the history of dragon-kind in Meinah, both good and bad.  All items, as with the library itself, are protected by strong magic to prevent unauthorized removal.  Any attempt to remove items will immediately notify Ahgjan himself, who often resides in a cave above and attached to the museum and Hall of Legends.

The library itself is a vast heptagonal room carved beyond this, deep within the mountain.  Through this main entrance, visitors find themselves at a reception area on the second level of the faility, where library attendants are often working on research projects and are happy to assist in directing, locating, or answering questions.  The room has six levels, each with vast collections of carved shelves high enough that even most dragons need use of rolling platforms to reach upper volumes and which serve as structural support for the floors.  These are connected by staircases for both dragons and smaller bipedal races.  A central opening connects all floors and allows dragons to fly or drop from one level to the next with little effort.  A support column in the center, also a heptagon in design, is scored for climbing if one does not wish to fly (or adventurous humans), and offers walkways for each floor.

The total diameter of the lowest level, which is the largest, is approximately 160 meters.  Each level tapers a little to form a dome-like shape, the highest level being approximately 80 meters in diameter.  Each level has lecture halls and private collection rooms carved out from the main library, some of these are limited access depending on the desires of the owners (in the case of private collections).

Each floor covers a particular subject or group of subjects.  The library and museum are both curated and remain under the ownership of Ahgjan.

Bottom Level:    Royal records, Preservation, storage and restoration.
        (Limited Access to the public.)
Second Level:    Dragon History
Third Level   :    Meinah/Nigeri History
Fourth Level :    Geography of Meinah and the known world.
Fifth Level    :     Sciences and Mathematics
Top Level     :      Poetry

Overview of the Library

Overview of the Library

The Library of Meinan History and Arts

Also sometimes referred to as the “University Library” or “City Library”, the Library of History & Arts is a general studies library containing works primarily involving humans, elves, dramen, and other races.  Some general books regarding dragons have been donated or on loan to the library from Ahgjan.

Like the university it is attached to, the library was fully funded by Ahgjan, and placed under the governance of a committee of elders who are considered  to be some of the top minds among their respective races and fields.  All races are welcome to the university and library, although many still visit Ahgjan’s library due to the more extensive collection.

The University Library is divided primarily into fiction  and non-fiction sections, organized by author name.