Flangherds Refuge

Flangherd’s Refuge

A primitive city, the Refuge is a secret underground city in the Perserus Mountains serving as the hiding place for dragons who do not currently have a home.  It is a tunnel network carved into a solitary mountain surrounded on all sides by other mountains.  It is named for the upper entrance to the cave network, which was once the hiding place of Rathi Flangherd Ordragc until his death, and now holds the shrine and burial place of his family.

Carved by many dragons with (reluctantly) dwarven help after the dragons’ escape from the Forbidden Valley.  A series of tunnels meeting at a large gathering hall in the center, and branching into ‘family caves’ similar to those they had grown accustomed to in the valley.  Most dragons remained here until Ahgjan Ordragc met with the Meinan Council and ensured his people’s safety.  Many dragons still remain here as it is an easily defended and safe location.