New SKYPE Group!


As some of you may have noticed, our beloved Chatterbox is dead.  For some reason it decided to pass away about a month ago.  RIP chatterbox.

To replace the Chatterbox, we have activated a new method of group socializing.  Skype!  Contact Ahgjan or Arix through a Private Message on the forum and let us know what Skype username to invite into the group, its that simple!  Real time communication with the people you post with here on the site, the opportunity to discuss storylines, get to know one another, maybe even get in some chatroom roleplaying (Based on Meinah of course!)

This also allows for us to invite potential members into the group to help them learn more and plan their characters and stories.

Stories Now Open!

Roleplaying has now commenced on the forums!

Hop in and see what stories you can join or start your own!



The northwestern port of Aelndrag, with the temple-mountain of the same name looming above the city as a beacon to travelers.

A new launch, and some old friends.

Posted on: 4/14/2014

Welcome, esteemed friends and collegues

to the new and improved /!  The site has been replaced while at the same time modifying some details from the plotline and references.

I plan to be able to officially say “Lets start this thing back up” by the end of the week.  To get you all back in the Nigeri mindset, here are a few details that have changed in this re-re-re-relaunch:

  • Open world roleplay!
    The previous reboot (the original valley one) introduced a whole slew of new social features, characters, and limitations.  It made it hard for some characters to return and altered others because of age.  And as Arix often pointed out to me, I tried to limit storylines way too much.  With this new version of Nigeri, “Meinah,” I have focused more on setting, cities, maps and races and less on plotline.  Sure there is still a backstory, but its the same backstory we had for the original start of Nigeri, just with a few more details now.  As long as it fits the settings, have fun!
  • Younger characters again
    Ok, at first I thought it would be interesting to be a craggy old wise wyrm…but I’ve changed my mind.  Instead of the dragons being trapped and forgotten for 1200 years, this version of Nigeri has seen the dragons trapped for 300 years, but humans and the rest all remember them, and other dragons have come in our absence.
  • Addition of a generic Government
    In original Nigeri, we had a human king, and a dragon king, and little else.  And then we introduced Synacra lord ruler of all, and then the dead end attempt at the Praetor leader of all with various rules and rites.  This time around, there is an all-races-but-dragons council that makes the laws, (But most towns don’t care to follow them anyway.  Who trusts politicians?).  There are still religions, but there are dozens of them out there.
  • New Races
    Merfolk and Gryphons are back, as well as two new official species of dragon, the Akairi, an aquatic two headed island race created in fine detail by our new friend Shimm’eron, and the desert-loving Nevatarii developed by a group of interested members and myself.  We hope to add another mammalian race soon, perhaps more wild than biped?  I’ve gotten some great suggestions but feel free to send me any ideas you might have.
  • A new, old, map
    ‘K so…Nigeri split down the middle was ugly, so I made a new one!  Our new full color map now shows main and secondary roads, as well as cities and larger towns.  This will give more variation in story routes.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look!
  • And other maps…
    Yep, working on city maps too, that way when you cross the street you know where you’ll run into another building without having to actually look around.
    Nidarie Map
    Thaan Map
  • And finally, Nigeri isn’t alone in the world anymore!  
    Sure we’ve hinted at other lands…where do Arix and Finra come from after all?  the Elves?  Well now there is trade!  Shipping routes are a common thing now, and our two new dragon races are immigrating from as of yet unnamed lands in the distance.  Yes there is a grand big world out there so feel free to hop a ship in Nidarie and expand it for us.

So now, my wonderful Meinan friends, it is time to start getting into character and planning your next (or continuing) story.  For those of you who have existing stories you want to continue, feel free to read through what you have posted so far and edit any details accordingly for continuity sake, if you wish to (i.e. replace the praetor with the council, cite 300 years instead of 1200, eliminate those fish fingers and custard you now regret eating at the tavern from the story all together).  And if you had a Nigeri 1 character you wish to bring back as well as keeping a Nigeri 2 character, feel free!  The more the merrier.

~R. “Ahgjan” Moss, former Rathi of Nigeri, ruler of all you see before you